Self Catering / Personal responsibility

The guest is responsible for that the room is cleaned and prepared as it was on arrival before leaving. In case of bad housekeeping, after invoicing occur. The guest has to leave the room at the latest. 10:00 the day of departure. There is a cleaning cabinet in the kitchen next to the refrigerator. Cleaning can be ordered from the hostel at a cost of 95 SEK.

In the kitchen, the refrigerator compartment (marked by room number) and the numbered box in the freezer is to be emptied of food and has to be cleaned before departure. Also make sure that the other surfaces in the kitchen are emptied and cleaned.

Valuables and keys

The hostel is not responsible for valuables or personal belongings. Guests are responsible for given hostel keys. Lost key is charged with 1000 SEK / pcs. It is not allowed to copy keys. Forgotten things kept is not more than 30 days.

Common areas

Toilets, showers, TV room, kitchen / kitchenette.

Sauna – costs 60 SEK / hour / person. Minimum cost is 300 SEK and has to be ordered in advance.

Laundry – costs 20 SEK per wash, or 25 SEK with detergents. Washing time between the hours. 10:00 to 20:00. Bookings has to be done.


For everyone’s comfort it has to be quiet between the hours. 22:00 to 07:00. TV room may be used with the door closed till. 24:00. Only enrolled hostel guests can stay at the hostel. Visitors are allowed between the hours of 10:00 to 21:00. In the event of vandalism the guest will be charged to compensate. All rooms are non-smoking. When false alarms occur the responsible person is charged with 7000 SEK. The hostel has the right to reject guests who disturb peace and order.


Duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases and towels are rented from the hostel. It is NOT ALLOWED to use the bed without bedding and sleep on only the mattress and pillow. When this happens, the guest is required for compensation (345 SEK) for washing / cleaning and is rejected. Own bedding must be presented to the host the day of arrival.

Reception Times

We are open the year around. The reception is open weekdays from 10:00 – 17:00. Other times call 08-583583 15 or 0046707-30 40 90. Variations may occur depending on the season.

Check and Payment

If advance booking of a room, the checkin should be made 12:00 on day of arrival. It is possible to agree on an other checkin time.

Payment is always in advance before or on arrival. Preliminary Reservations is paid in advance. First-time businesses must pay in advance. We reserve the right to cancel the bookings in advance.

No fee is charged for travellers who cancel at least 1 week prior to 12:00 CET on day at arrival. 50% of the total amount is charged for travellers who cancel between 72 hours and 1 week before 12:00 CET on day at arrival. 100% of the total amount is charged for travellers who cancel less than 72 hours prior to 12:00 CET on day at arrival (inclusive no-show). If the hostel has incurred costs in connection with your booking, you will also pay for these. Deviations may occur, but then you will be noted by the contactperson.


With us you can always cook your food in a self-catering kitchen. “Clean up after yourself” is a must for us.

Pets: Ask before you book.